Pharmacists Rate Highly on Ethics and Honesty

Pharmacists have again performed extremely well in the annual Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2014.  The survey found that 86 per cent of respondents rate pharmacists highly on ethics and honesty – up two per cent on last year’s result. This put pharmacists on the same score as doctors (down 2 per cent on last year), but trailing nurses who again topped the list with 91 per cent.

This annual survey has again confirmed that pharmacists are a valued and respected part of our health system.  Public opinion research in Australia consistently shows that people rate their community pharmacist among the most trusted professionals. 

These findings should put a spring in the step of pharmacists all over Australia. They show they are indeed valued and respected by patients for the great work they do dispensing medicines and providing general health care services and advice.

The good result is also a challenge to the profession to ensure that this high regard is nurtured and grown, rather than complacently assumed.

Congratulations pharmacists! Keep up the good work.

Source:, Monday 14 April 2014