Probiotics Help Kids with Eczema

A study in Western Australia has found that probiotics, may help some young children with eczema. Eczema - also called atopic dermatitis - is an itchy rash with dry skin commonly on the inside of the elbow, the back of the knees and the face that's often associated with allergies including food. There's evidence that eczema in children is increasing.

One explanation is the so called hygiene theory which claims that one of the side effects of modern clean living is that babies' immune systems don't get properly trained and so some white blood cells misbehave, causing allergies.

The Perth researchers provided about a billion live harmless bacteria called lactobacilli twice a day for two months, to children with eczema under the age of 18 months. They came in a powder rather than yoghurt. Compared to dummy powder, the little ones given the real bacteria did improve.

It was a small preliminary trial and needs a much bigger one to be sure this probiotic idea works., 7 November 2014