Zinc Shortens the Duration of the Common Cold

A recent Australian study has found that high-dose zinc acetate lozenges shorten the duration of common cold symptoms and can effectively be used as a treatment strategy.

The study found that zinc acetate lozenges shortened the duration of nasal discharge by 34%, nasal congestion by 37%, sneezing by 22%, scratchy throat by 33%, sore throat by 18%, hoarseness by 43%, and cough by 46%, in comparison to placebo. The intervention also shortened the duration of muscle ache by 54%, but there was no evidence of zinc effect on the duration of headache and fever. Pooled data from the three trails indicated that the use of zinc acetate lozenges reduces the duration of cold by 42% overall.

No adverse effects of zinc were recorded in the three studies. The authors stated that the mineral ions at such high dosages can be used safely for two weeks.

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Source:, Wednesday 25 March 2015