Head Lice Season in Australia

Health.vic advises that head lice is very common in children and that the prevalence of head lice on Australian primary-school aged children could be up to 60% in some areas.  According to Pharmacsit George Malouf, from Malouf Manly Pharmacy, head lice outbreaks tend to increase as the first term of school progresses and he has seen the heavy demand for treatments during this time. 

Here are some tips for parents who may find their child with head lice or nits:

- Children with head lice should be kept at home until treatment has started

- Early detection makes treatment and control of head lice easier – therefore, regular checking is recommended.

- The most effective detection method for head lice is the ‘conditioner and combing’ technique.

It is important to note that head lice and nits do not carry infectious disease.

Learn more on about head lice and nits and how to treat this condition with the education module below.

Source: &, viewed 19 Jan 2017