ACNEM 'Coffee Good VS Coffee Bad'

We have taken the headache out of pondering these questions by asking the experts.  Join us to hear the latest evidence-based information to arm you with information to help with your next order!

Coffee is a lifestyle phenomenon with enormous amount of global research happening to explore its effects on the human body. Some what we are finding out is good and some is not so good.

In Australia alone in 2020, 117,000,000 kilos of coffee beans were consumed and we want to know if it really does:

  • Reduce the risk of dementia? 
  • Reduce the risk of neurological disorders such as MS? 
  • Increase positive thinking? 
  • Make you live longer?

Coffee – Good vs Bad is part of the acnem Healthy Debate: where evidence meets curiosity for the health of every body. These dynamic and lively online events are designed for medical and health practitioners, as well as patients who are interested in empowering themselves to understand more about health and wellbeing.

Hosted by acnem President Dr Mark Donohoe, this Healthy Debate features a range of perspectives that allows us to deep dive into the world of coffee. An enlightening ‘battle’ of evidence-based information from leading researchers and clinicians!

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Duration 1hrs 15mins

Tuesday 25th October 2022 at 7.30pm AEST

Ticket Price $39.95

“Coffee is the world’s most popular drink, and research shows that our love of coffee and how much we drink is associated with the genes we inherit. Research conducted here in Australia at the University of Queensland shows that people who sense a stronger bitter taste prefer tea and those who sense less bitterness prefer coffee. But, it’s not just about taste. Genes that affect how well we can break down caffeine also influence how much coffee we tend to drink.”  – Dr Denise Furness

“You might think that most naturopaths would be against coffee, right? Wrong! Like many people, Jules enjoys a cup most days (single shot coconut flat white please). But is it safe for everyone? Find out who should and shouldn’t be having it, how much per day is ok, and how to choose an alternative milk that doesn’t cause more harm than good.”  – Jules Galloway

“Coffee most definitely affects how we feel, with caffeine being a drug that many have a dependence on. Instead of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it should be thought of as a tool, to be used appropriately. Understanding how it works will help us understand appropriate use.” – Jabe Brown

Coffee provokes so much robust debate in health and performance circles… On balance, coffee is associated with positive health benefits and is a known ergogenic (performance boosting) beverage… but as with most things, the devil is in the details and it isn’t the best choice for many people… Join us at the debate to find out more.” – Cliff Harvey